Digitization of archival documents, books and microfilms

written material

  • automatic feed scanner for solid originals
  • manual book scanners for sensitive archive material
  • batch mode and manual scanning from A6 to A3
  • JPG or TIF file
  • color, black and white or grayscale

graphical material

  • Photography, Dia, film strips, glass plate, Super 8 film
  • corresponding scanner depending on the nature of the original
  • Storage of digital copies in lossless data format
  • Acquisition of indexing and image information
  • optional supply of these data in an archive system


  • digitization with special book scanners
  • guaranteed gentle scan operation
  • manual handling of each book
  • manual editing of every single page
  • Storage in PDF format (available as a searchable file with OCR processing)

microfilm generating

  • processings on microfilm 35 / 16mm from digital copy
  • analysis of the peculiarities of structure
  • optimized processing, homogeneous images
  • in grayscale readable information of color originals
  • use of brand name microfilms